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Womens Punching Bag Workouts for Weight Loss – Benefits of Boxing Workouts for Women

Listen up girls, your wanting to get into women’s boxing to try and shed off those extra pounds around the waist huh?

So you are trying to lose weight, but every workout you do is challenging and tedious. Many people who enroll themselves in weight loss programs often give up due to such reasons. However, there are still many pretty engaging yet straightforward workouts which can help you to lose weight just as effectively as those other exercises without you having to stick to strict regimes and diet plans. One such workout involves a punching bag also known as a heavy bag. Yes ladies, A punching bag! You may have seen it in many boxing or action movies, at your local gym and seen professional boxers using them. So how will a punching bag workout help us women lose weight? To help you understand we have prepared some questions and aptly answered them to help you know Punching bag workouts for weight loss.

Im a Girl. Are punching bag workouts for Women good for weight loss?

YES! A Punching bag workout is good for weight loss. However, the thought of punching bag to lose weight may sound impractical, rough, aggressive and even intimidating but it is not. Just like any other workout, they have different variations to it. They are also not difficult, to begin with as there are various levels to it from the beginner level to advanced degrees.


So if you have never tried it, you should start at the beginner level with proper knowledge of the techniques and forms and gradually increase your level. Punching bag workouts primarily target your cardiovascular system, and this helps you to burn calories at a rapid pace thus burning up your fats in the process. So if you are hell-bent on losing your weight deciding to start doing womens punching bag workouts is the best thing that will ever happen to you.

How will a punching bag help me lose weight?

A punching bag exercise involves you using arms and legs to punch and kick the bag as well as your entire body to move around to add variation. If you perform the workout in a proper and correct form which involves hitting the bag with your arms and legs in a burst of motions, exerting your entire energy into the punches and kicks, also being careful at the same to prevent any injuries, this process will get your heart rates high leading you to burn more calories as well as the fats.

To add further variation, you can try doing the workouts at intervals changing your pace depending on the need. When you start training hard, you start sweating which indicates that your heart rate is elevated and you are burning calories which is the primary process to burn fats. Below are just a few of the boxing workouts for weight loss that women can give a try. You can find many more of these boxing workouts for women to lose weight by reading an article on, as they have written and listed out several boxing exercises and punching bag workouts for women to help anyone wanting to try and get into working out with boxing.

To help you begin your punching bag exercise here are some basic punching bag routine examples which anyone can try irrespective of experience: Here are some great beginner boxing workouts for women to lose weight. 

  • 10 x low kick with the right leg
  • 10 x high kick with the right leg
  • 10 x low kick with the left leg
  • 10 x high kick with the left leg
  • 20 x straight punches (both arms)
  • 10 x left hooks
  • 10 x right hooks
  • 10 x knee strikes

Repeat the entire workout 2-3 times, depending on your resistance and goals.

Here’s another example that is recommended for intermediate or advanced women boxers

  • 5 x jab + cross
  • 5 x jab + cross + jab
  • 5 x jab + cross + upper cut (both arms)
  • 5 x jab + upper cut + hook (both arms)
  • 5 x jab + cross + shin block
  • 5 x left knee + right knee + jab + cross
  • 5 x knee + left front kick + right front kick
  • 5 x left shin block + right shin block +high rock

You can add further reps to it depending on your stamina, your fitness levels and goals for the specific training.

Here is another great boxing workout for weight loss for women

Womens Boxing Workouts For Losing Weight
Womens Kickboxing Workout


These are just a few of the boxing workouts for women but there are many more workouts, classes, and training programs out there designed just for ladies.

Is boxing an excellent sport to shape my muscles?

Boxing is a sport which relies on a constant set of motions which includes punching, kicking, dodging, ducking and even a bit of running and jumping. As such it is a very intense and fast-paced sport.

This combination of motion ensures that the heart is never at rest and always operating at full frequency. The key to weight loss is burning calories, and boxing provides that the soul is still active thus burning calories constantly. However, the number of calories you burn is based on the intensity and duration of your workout. On average a person can burn up to 350 calories in an hour of boxing.

However, if weight loss is your goal the calorie burned can increase to 500 to 800 calories if you increase your intensity and duration. Thus, it is clear that boxing is an excellent way to lose weight and as a result, many people adopt boxing to lose weight.

Does hitting a punching bag help build muscle?

Hitting a punching bag is mostly a cardiovascular activity, and the goal of the cardiovascular exercise is to lose weight, which essentially means to burn fats, therefore, hitting a punching bag does not cause a significant amount of muscle growth. However, when you run a punching bag multiple muscles in your upper and lower body contract and expand, this ensures that the muscles which are in use become stronger and get toned in the process. But if you want to build muscles by hitting a punching bag, you can adopt a technique known as power punching. Power punching involves adding massive body strikes and uppercuts to a heavy bag workout at full intensity along with combining speed and variety into a single drill. Power punching will ensure that there is muscle growth in your pectorals, triceps, biceps and your trapezius muscles.

Here is a video of boxing workouts for women

Best Heavy Bag Boxing Workouts for Women to Lose Weight Fast

Will a Womens Punching Bag Workout tone my arms?

A workout on a punching bag is a vigorous cardiovascular workout. Just an hour of working on a punching bag can burn on an average 350 calories and can reach up to 900 calories depending on the intensity as well as duration. It is a well known and fundamental fact that to lose fat you need to burn calories and to hit a punching bag does that. So a punching bag will not only help you tone your arms, but it will also help you to lose belly fat, your love handles and tone your entire body.

As you can see boxing can be a great fitness workout for women to get into. But be sure to learn the basics and fundamentals of boxing first before getting started. You can check out some boxing tips for women here

Integrating such an intense and rigorous cardiovascular activity into your life will not be a natural process, and you will face hurdles and difficulties during the initial stages. However, it is important to persevere and not give up, but slow things down and start at a slower or different pace. After you start getting the hang of it, within a few days of training, you will start seeing changes in your body and start feeling good about yourself. It is thus crucial that you always stay consistent, confident and motivated and finally reach your goals.

If you would like to read more about punching bag workouts for women you can check out the article on


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